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    • New technology for wall industry

      Aviation fibre wall decoration system

      Set up industry benchmark with quality, create first style with technology
    • Provide different functions and styles of finishing effects with rich and diverse materials

      Convenient and beautiful for any scene

      Elastic molecular material, protect material body, reduce external pull
    • New material enterprise focused on
      R & D and sales

    Our products

    Aviation fiber wall decoration system

    Company Profile

    “YISHIJIHE” brand operation company
    Suzhou Shouding Decoration Material Co. Ltd. is a domestic company specializing in the development and sale of new materials, and integrating R&D, design, manufacture, sales and supporting service as a whole. The company is headquartered in Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, which is known as "Jiangsu East Gate, Jiangsu-Shanghai Continental Brid...
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    Suzhou Shouding Decoration Material Co. Ltd.
    Please enjoy our case

    Case exhibition area

    • Commercial space
    • Modern light luxury
    • Original wood style
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    Suzhou Shouding Decoration Material Co. Ltd.
    We serve you wholeheartedly!

    “YISHIJIHE” Aviation fiberboard factory.

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